Triggering Online Pokies Free Spins

Everyone loves a good few rounds of playing online pokies. They represent so much opportunity, what with all of their bright colours, flashing lights and chances to win big with real money. However, what is even more appealing is the idea of winning extra money on free rounds. In other words, the chance to win extra cash without having to pay any extra money out of your own pocket. This is why free spins are always so welcome. While pokies remain exciting because it is incredibly difficult to predict exactly what is happening next, there are certainly a few things that players can look out for to help them trigger some extra free spins.

Wild symbols can provide plenty of excitement on the reels of online pokies. First and foremost, their main function is to substitute for any symbol missing from a winning combination. Of course, this immediately aids in increasing a player’s winnings. However, a wild symbol’s job does not just stop there. In fact, as part of the bonus games, many pokies will award players a predetermined number of free spins if they are able to spin a combination that uses a wild symbol in order to secure a win.

It is important to note that while this is a popular practice, it is not commonplace, and whether or not players can benefit from this differs from casino to casino and sometimes even game to game.

Free spins in online pokies are fairly common, and players are almost guaranteed to benefit from them at some stage of their game. Overall, however, it seems that scatter symbols are the most commonly used methods of triggering free Aristocrat pokies games. The number of bonus rounds that a player can get is usually pre-determined based on how many of these symbols they manage to spin per round. For example, spinning one scatter symbol in a winning row could mean that the player will have five free games added to their account, while two of these symbols could mean they are awarded 10.

You Can Re-Trigger The Free Spins Feature

It is not often that players are able to re-trigger a feature that they really enjoyed. However, in the world of online pokies, they can. A lot of the time, free spins can be re-triggered. However, it is important to note that again, how this can be activated differs from game to game. One thing is for sure, though, and that’s the fact that no matter when or how this feature can be re-triggered, it is always welcome!

Online pokies are remarkably fun casino games to play from wherever you want to, at any time of the day or night. They generally come packed with extra features and opportunities to increase your winnings without spending any more of your own money. Find the best ones to play right here on and before long, you could just win big at New Zealand’s top pokies casinos!