Neteller Pokies Casinos New Zealand

A Neteller account is intended to be extremely simple to set up and use. New account holders only need an email address to set up the account. The email address just needs to remain consistent as it will also be linked with the online casino site too. Completing the rest of the account setup process is efficient and self-explanatory. Simply follow the steps involved to link the Neteller account to your bank or credit card casino account. Therefore, as the accounts are now linked, funding for your e-wallet account is as easy as the local retailer and all the popular and standard debit cards are accepted. The funds are transferrable from any New Zealand bank, and, despite the transfers taking a few days to process, they are for free. In addition, standard credit card transfers can be conducted at any stage, although these operations attract the 1.75% transaction fee.

The Neteller brand has become celebrated and internationally recognised. Their advertising is broad and international, including sponsorships such as Crystal Palace club in the English Football Premier League. In New Zealand, the Neteller financial service is also highly rated and broadly advertised. The e-wallet has a reputation for value services and brisk money transfer operations. Neteller boasts personalised customer and support services. As an e-wallet, services are available around the clock, and every client is granted email, phone and even live chat access for assistance.

In terms of locally targeted casino, and especially pokies play, the real concern for all New Zealanders, Neteller has established an excellent business reputation. They are trusted by all the most popular online pokies sites, ones that we at have carefully selected and presented here for you. As a particular endorsement of credibility, often casino sites will award players with additional credits if they use Neteller to make their deposits. Trusted on both side of business is truly valuable.

Granting swift access to online casino play, Neteller will be of benefit simply because deposits and withdrawals in most cases are free. On top of this, you don’t need to produce a credit card at any stage. Privacy at all levels, for any other institutions is protected at all costs. It is therefore quite unsurprising that many seasoned casino players choose Neteller as their financial transfer system. It would, however, be remiss not to point out to potential players that they should always read the fine print and the terms and conditions before they play.

A Firm Foundation

Neteller launched in 1999 and is currently regulated by the UK Financial Services Authority. Pioneers of the e-wallet concept, and stemming from an original idea to facilitate payments to friends and relatives around the world. Countless online merchants followed, as did most online casinos. Through Neteller, New Zealanders now even have prepaid debit cards available as internet cash, which is yet another e-wallet payment option.

Depositing money at online casinos, and the withdrawal of winnings is where Neteller sparkles. Simply select your payment option, submit your Neteller email address and password, instantly deposit the desired amount and seconds later the reels are spinning. Depositing and withdrawing money using Neteller do not attract any fees. Sensitive financial information is not shared by multiple websites. The high-level security offered, Secure Socket Layer with 128-bit key-based encryption, is industry leading, exhaustive and safe.