Skrill Payment for Online Pokies

Skrill was previously known as Moneybookers. Now raised to a convenient banking option for New Zealanders, Skrill allows you to connect several different banking methods such as credit cards and debit cards into a single e-wallet. This means that now you can easily transfer money from your personal bank account to your chosen online casino with total security and confidentiality. Obviously has placed the best casinos in this regard at your disposal, but even so Skrill generally works out to be more reasonable than most other payment processors. Not requiring a credit card is also highly appealing to many New Zealand casino customers. Regulated by the Financial Services Authority in the UK, Skrill delivers a real speedy feature when dealing with casinos and gambling sites. In addition, instantaneous receipts and not having to enter payment details means Skrill really is a great e-wallet and payment solution for all your online pokies play.

Skrill is an electronic wallet, known as e-wallet, that has become a distinguished player in the internet payments industry. It works as a virtual bank account would, and after opening the account by following a simple procedure on the Skrill web site, funds can then added to the account using regular bank accounts, credit cards or any other online source. These funds can then be used for instant payments online. Obviously this includes making a deposit at your preferred NZ$ online casino. The aim of Skrill is to help their New Zealand customers maximise online security. Due to the fact that bank and credit card account details are only given to Skrill, the onus is on them never to divulge these to any online merchants or online pokies sites.

Putting Skrill into Play

We all want paying to be easy, and with Skill, all you need to do is select the Skrill payment icon wherever you see this option at casino or retail sites. Then choose your Skrill account and deposit the amount desired. This facility is accessed with your email address and Skrill password. Once the deposit is confirmed, the funds are instantly credited to the online casino account, and the pokies machines are open.

The procedure is similarly simple should you wish to withdraw your expected winnings using Skrill. Remember that the casinos themselves need up to two days for processing. This is why, despite the very best sites having been screened for you, we still advise all casino players who are going to be using real money to take note of any casino-specific restrictions or limits as these may limit or consume processing time. Nevertheless, once these system requirements and slight delays are overcome, casino players in New Zealand have access to one of the most convenient payment systems available.

The Skrill Benefits

Skrill provides the expect list of e-wallet benefits. These include some of the most advanced security features in the industry, practicality and simplicity of use. This is also the reason for its popularity and the number of pokies players making the most of Skrill. A VIP account facility that is especially for high-volume members is also available that comes with multi-currency accounts and additional security procedures. In principle, Skrill is a real-time online financial exchange service. This means that you do not have to input all your banking and user data with every transaction, and can therefore operate without any delays or limits.